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PİKASAN PLASTIK KAUCUK SAN A.S has started business in the 70s and served the customers for over 30 years at the modern facility of 10000m2 in Pendik/ İSTANBUL.  As our production capacity and share in the foreign markets increased, we moved to our new and bigger plant at the European Free Zone of  TEKİRDAĞ in 2014

Our first products were for the automotive sector.  Then construction goods and seals for the infrastructure followed that. We mostly work with EPDM Rubber, which is especially suitable for all applications that require prolonged exposure to the atmosphere. Unless otherwise specified, DIN 7715 Teil3 E2 is the norm for measurement and DIN 7863 is the norm for the rubber compound.

Since every step from product design to formulating special compounds, are realized in house, we have many customers in various sectors.  Besides the existing wide range of products, our modern laboratory and well-endowed plant ensure the production of rubber profiles from compounds that are prepared in compliance with your special needs. Tooling division equipped with 5 axis wire EDMs enable us to produce in house rubber extrusion dies of extreme complexity with precision and in a timely manner.

In addition to our rubber products, we also produce TPE/TPV compounding under the registered trade mark of PİLASTOM. We do thermoplastic extrusions as well upon the demands of the market.

PİKASAN A.Ş., which has an institutional structure comprehends that the most important investment is in our staff members. Our enterprise consists of an expert management team, engineers, chemists, quality control, and R & D team.



PİKASAN A.Ş.  has established itself as a major force in the rubber extrusions industry.  We predominantly work with EPDM which is an extremely durable synthetic rubber.  The catalog is just to give you an idea.  Articles listed represent only a small portion of our products. In house tooling enables us to offer a wide range of custom products in a short time.

PilastoM Thermoplastic Elastomers offer a large variety of TPE grades that are tailored towards specific markets. Our TPE granules are custom formulated and compounded to meet desired specifications and properties.

PilastoM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PİKASAN A.Ş.

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